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Page One: The Floor and the Frame

The Wendy House.
This wendy house is basically a playhouse with a few feminine touches added. A wendy house can give children hours of enjoyment. And with a little imagination, customized touches can be added to create a unique and special environment.
This house stands 78" high, is 92" long and 48"wide with a 28" wide deck along the front.

About the lumber.
The lumber sizes referred to in this project are the finished or 'actual' sizes.
The floor base is constructed of 1 1/2"x 5 1/2" treated stock. The floor is 3/4"x 3 1/2" decking boards.

All the framing is 1 1/2"x 2 1/2" stock with the exception of the ridge beam (1 1/2"x 3 1/2") and the posts (1 1/2"x 2 1/2" treated stock).

The Plans.

wendy house plans

wendy house plans

The Floor and Frame Cutting List.

wendy house cutting list

The Instructions.

Step one: The pieces

Cut all the lumber as shown in the cutting list above.

Step two: The base and floor
On a level, flat piece of ground make a rectangle by nailing the two longer joists (a) to two of the shorter joists (b). Nail another four intermediate joists (b) in place evenly spaced (see above floor frame plan). Use 4" galvanized nails.

Check that the floor base is square by measuring diagonally from corner to corner. When the diagonals are equal, then the base is square.

Cut the decking to length (20 lengths @ 92") and Lay and fix to the base beginning from one side. Use 3" galvanized nails.

Step three: the wall frames
Lay out the bottom plates (d) flat on the floor to form a rectangle 48" x 92". Lay the top plates (e) on top of the bottom plates and mark the stud positions on the edge of both plates (see above plate and stud layout diagram).
Separate the plates (d & e) and lay the studs (f) in place. Cut and fix nogs (g) between studs (f) as shown in 'the plans' diagram above.
Nail the wall frame together.
There will be four wall frames in all, the two end frames and the front and back frame.

Stand the frames up in place and nail together, ensure the bottom plates are straight and fix to the floor.

Check all corners are vertical (plumb) and fix temporary diagonal braces to the insides of the wall frames.

Step four: the roof frame
Centralize the two ridge supports (i) on top of the two end frames and fix in an upright position.

Balance the ridge beam (j) on top of the ridge supports (i) and fix in place with nails (angled) through the ends of the ridge beam into the supports.

Fix the 10 rafters (k) in place (5 each side) beginning with the end rafters and then the intermediates.

Fix the lower rafter supports (m) in place at the lower end of the top rafters (k). (see diagram below ).

Fix the lower rafters (l) in place on top of the lower rafter supports (m) and so that the top of the lower rafters (l) are at a point 12 1/2" up from the bottoms of the top rafters (k). (see diagram below)

rafter detail

Nail the beam (n) to the end of the lower rafters.

Fix three posts (o) plumb under the beam (n). One post in the middle and one at each end.

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