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storage shed
2400mm x 3000mm (8ft x 10ft) Storage Shed Plans

Page 6:   Instructions part three

We thank Buildeazy for allowing us to host this "how to make a storage shed" project in our site. Many other plans can be found at

Step 11. The Roof
Fix the Roofing Iron to the Purlins with appropriate roofing nails/screws. Fix to the top and bottom Purlins at every second corrugation and fix to the intermediate Purlins at every 3rd or 4th corrugation. Fix through the high side of the corrugation.
Overhang the roofing approx 65 (2 1/2") past the Fascia Board or 50 (2") past the back of the gutter.

Step 12. Ridge Capping and Barge Flashing
Standard Ridge Capping is about 130 (5") each side of the apex, but can vary and any size can be made to order. Have the Ridge Flashing in mind when positioning the top Purlin. Fix to the Purlin at every second corrugation.

The Barge Flashing goes under the Ridge Capping at the top. Fix to each purlin (through two corrugations) and also to the barge board.

Step 13. Cladding Underlay
A Cladding Underlay should envelop the exterior walls prior to the cladding being fixed.

Step 14. Exterior Vertical Boards
Commence fixing the Boards to the Wall Frames, beginning from one corner. Cut the Boards long enough so that they will touch the underside of the Rafter at the top and run at least 50mm (2") below the floor.
Nail the Boards to the Noggings with nails approximately 75mm (3") apart (including the nail that will be going through the Batten). Leave a gap between each board.

Step 15. The Battens
Fix the Battens 75x25 (1x3) over each join. Preferably, the battens should have a groove each side of the join to stop water being drawn up by capillary action.

Nail on the center line of the Batten, through the gap between the Boards and into the Noggings. Overlap on corners (see picture).

Step 16. Done!
Install the Door, install the Window and you're done!

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