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storage shed
2400mm x 3000mm (8ft x 10ft) Storage Shed Plans

Page 5:   Instructions part two

We thank Buildeazy for allowing us to host this "how to make a storage shed" project in our site. Many other plans can be found at

Step 6. The Roof Rafters
Cut the remaining eight intermediate rafters (see 'Rafter Detail' drawing) and fix in place, four each side. Spacings are shown in 'The Roof Plan'.

Step 7. Roof Noggings
Measure and cut four rows of Noggings that will fit between the Rafters. Place the rows each side of the Side Wall's top plates (see Picture). This is so the exterior Boards and Battens will have a straight edge at the top to butt into.
The same applies to any likely interior lining, should you choose to use it.

Step 8.Roof Sheathing
Cover the floor with 12mm (1/2) inch plywood, nailing a maximum of 200 (8") apart on all Rafters. Run the sheets from the Roof Beam to the ends of the Rafters. The sheets will need trimming.
All joins running parallel with the Rafters, must be on a Rafter. Any necessary join running parallel with the Roof Beam, must be under a Purlin.

Step 9. The Purlins
Nail three rows of Purlins to each plane (side) of the roof, overhanging each side of the gables by 25mm (1") or the thickness of the exterior vertical Boards.
Fix the top row about 75 (3") down from the apex (this measurement will depend upon the width of the Ridge Capping, as the Ridge Capping is fixed to the top purlin), the bottom row vertically flush with the end of the Rafter and another row in the middle.
Nail the ends of the Roof Sheathing (from the underside) to the bottom purlins.

Step 10. Fascia, Barge and Roof Underlay
Nail the Barge Board to the end of the Purlins up along each rake of the gable and flush with the top of the Purlins.
Join the Barge Boards at the apex (vertical cut) and cut the other (lower) end vertically, 175mm (6") past the rafter (lower) ends.
Cut and fix the fascia Board in between the Barge Boards and to the Rafter ends. The top edge of the Fascia Board should be flush with the top of the bottom Purlin.
Cover the roof with a self-supporting Underlay prior to the Corrugated Roofing Iron going on.

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