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storage shed
2400mm x 3000mm (8ft x 10ft) Storage Shed Plans

We thank Buildeazy for allowing us to host this "how to make a storage shed" project in our site. Many other plans can be found at

Page 1: Introduction and Contents

This detailed shed plan-set is in both Standard and metric dimensions. It is built on skids, meaning that there are no footings or foundations and that the finished shed is able to be moved. The side cladding is board and batten and the roof cladding is corrugated roofing iron over plywood sheathing.

Simply go to any page listed below. The plans in the 'Plans' page can be enlarged by clicking on, the step by step instructions also have drawings and any words or terms used in the plan-set are explained in the 'Glossary of Terms'.

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NOTE: This complete plan-set can also be purchased in downloadable PDF format for only $5 free of advertising, print friendly and with additional data such as door plans, nailing and fastening information and more detail. For more info click here

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bullet Page 1:   Introduction and Contents
bullet Page 2:   Materials List
bullet Page 3:   Plans
bullet Page 4:   Instructions part one
bullet Page 5:   Instructions part two
bullet Page 6:   Instructions part three
bullet Append:   Glossary of terms



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