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Kids seesaw project

how to build a seesaw
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The seesaw plank pivots on a central support that is concreted into a used car tire.

This makes for a very stable base, yet the seesaw can still be moved from place to place.

The seesaw does not have any handles, thus allowing kids of different weights and sizes to ride the seesaw by positioning themselves along the plank until they find balance.
For example, a heavier kid would sit closer to the middle and a lighter kid would sit more towards the end of the plank.

This is a very sturdy seesaw and the kids will have loads of fun.

riding on a see-saw

The pivot height can be adjusted by simply raising or lowering the pivot height bolts.

This project will take you through the complete seesaw building process from start to finish, with plans and step-by-step pictures and instructions.

Let's begin!

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