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Single Garage Plans
3.1m (10' 2") x 6m (20ft) Shell only
single garage
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Page 1: Introduction

These are plans are for a 'shell only' single garage. That means that the garage consists of only footings, frames and exterior covering.

'Shell only' is an economical way of building, as it allows the structure to be used before it is completed.

It is an ideal project for the person with limited time or with a limited budget not wanting to pay the full up-front costs of a completed garage, yet wanting something practical that can be used for a shelter in the interim.
This garage shell can be built and used prior to the fixing of any internal lining and/or a concrete floor being laid.

Hard ground with a bit of metal thrown on top can be used as a substitute for a garage floor until the time or money can be found to incorporate a concrete slab.

In most places a permit will be required to erect such a structure and different areas will impose different stipulations.
These plans do not take into consideration any extreme conditions. There are no allowances for snow loads, frost lines or strong winds etc.
These plans by themselves, can not be used as documentation to apply for a building consent/permit.

To obtain a building permit you will need someone to prepare the necessary plans and documentation. In most cases, a designer, architect, builder or draftsperson prepares the plans and sometimes for specific design, an engineer is required. In some cases, for smaller projects, the plans and specifications can be prepared by the applicant.

Authorities vary from place to place in their requirements for submissions to obtain a building consent/permit, so check with your Local Authority, designer, architect, builder or draftsperson for requirements in your area.

This plan set has no allowance for any electrical work or components, plumbing/gutter /down pipes, door/window installation, or any floor. It is a shell only.

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bullet Page 1: Introduction
bullet Page 2: Identifying the parts
bullet Page 3: Flat plan
bullet Page 4: The wall frames
bullet Page 5: The roof
bullet Page 6: Detail
bullet Page 7: The eaves
bullet Page 8: The exterior cladding
bullet Page 9: The roof cladding
bullet Page 10: The angle cuts
bullet Page 11: Bracing and fastening
bullet Page 12: Materials list
bullet Page 13: Cutting list
bullet Page 14: Glossary of terms
bullet Page 15: A guide to building the garage
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