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A planter box

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Planter box, plans & instructions - $5.00 USD

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Plan Description

How to make a planter box - plans and instructions. Fun to make. This planter box is made up out of pieces (bricks) of wood with wire holes drilled each end of each piece. Four pieces of wood are placed to form a square, and then another layer on top of that, and so on and so on in such a way that the holes are aligned. Wire is thread through the holes to hold everything in place - and there you have it. The pieces of wood are 1½" x 1½" (45 mm x 45 mm) and the base is plywood. The wire is... well just about anything will do really. The plans are in both metric and standard (ft and inches). Photos included. The size of the planter box is approximately 1ft (300 mm) cube not counting the corner jut-out pieces.

Size: Downloadable PDF file, 6 pages, file size 991 KB

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